Welcome to Funken

Amplify your ambitions and ignite your visions with Funken, your trusted partner in full-stack web development. As a proud German company, we offer top-notch, European-grade tech services designed to push your businesses to unprecedented heights.

Our Team

We, a diligent team led by a dynamic duo, are master craftsmen in the digital realm. With our seasoned expertise in Vue 3, Nuxt 3, GraphQL, Go, and PostgreSQL, we have the capability to transform your challenges into opportunities.

Our Services

Whether you’re a startup testing waters or an established firm embracing digital metamorphosis, our arsenal is well-equipped to cater to your customized needs. We offer bespoke development services that are fueled by the state-of-art tech stack, including Vue 3, Nuxt 3, GraphQL, Go, PostgreSQL.

Cutting-Edge Tools

At Funken, we believe in deriving the best from the technology landscape. We use a wide range of advanced tools like GitHub, Docker, and Hetzner that brings our lean and mean development philosophy to life.

Embrace the Funken Difference

As a European, more specifically a German company, we take immense pride in our work ethic. We believe in uniting our creative prowess with precision, punctuality, and the proverbial German ‘gründlichkeit’ or thoroughness, to offer you services that exude excellence in all aspects.

Step into the future with Funken. Empower your business with the right technological tools. Let us amplify your digital presence, together.

Experience the Funken difference today!